Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Lectionary this Week

This week's lectionary passages includes Saul's transforming experience on the road to Damascus (Acts 9:1-20), John's version of the disciples miraculous catch of fish, then their recognition of Jesus as they fry fish together on the beach (John 21: 1-19) and Psalm 30  


Today a prayer for those who seek transformation,
for those who pray for a new beginning,
that today's burdens might drop away like the blinding scales from Paul's eyes.

for those who labor anonymously through daily monotonous tasks
we pray that their dedication and hard work
will yield an abundant return.

for those who eat alone
and hunger for your presence.
We pray that like
the psalmist tells us, you will
turn their mourning into dancing,
and take off their sackcloth
and replace it with clothes of joy.

Be present to those who must find you in the smallest of gestures,
who seek you in the midst of ongoing suffering, thankless work and isolated existence.
May your spirit surprise them today with
an unexpected reprieve
a moment of delight
a glimpse of the holy
or even 153 fish.



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