Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Again and Again

Dear Lord,

Here I am
Lifting up my voice to you.
My thankfulness
My wonderings
My sadness, my joy.

Lord, help me to seek a deepening
find a settling, a sorting of what is not and what is to be.
Help me to let rise to the top all that is good and sweet, wise and true.

Be with me as I let go of what no longer serves.
Strengthen my resolve to speak, to be, to write, to create, to finish.

Give me wisdom to live into this moment, to fill it with love, with delight, with purpose with honesty.
Lord, let me breathe in your calm, breathe out this heaviness.

breathe out this frustration, breathe in your hope.

Lord, you are here
again and
I am thankful.



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