Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'll do it tomorrow

Lord, a prayer for the things that don't get done or get done poorly
A prayer for missed meetings, unsent emails, forgotten replies
A prayer for lost post-it notes with needed information,
for receipts that should have been turned in weeks ago.
a prayer for the skipped run,
the muffin instead of fruit,
the fries instead of a salad.
A prayer for time spent following links on the internet instead of making copies for my class
a prayer for the teaching schedule that remains incomplete, and truth be told, is probably lost
A prayer for the unsorted craft closet, the uncounted curriculum
Lord, there are already too many of these prayers and I'm not yet done
Hear these prayers, help me erase this sloppy to-do list with nothing checked off,
I'd like a fresh start, a clear perspective and the desire to do those things I so do not like to do.



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